Investigation launched after small aircraft crashes on Philippines mountain, killing two

An investigation is tonight underway after a light aircraft crashed into a popular mountain resort in the Philippines city of Baguio, killing two aboard, and injuring four others. The aircraft, which may have been trying to make an emergency landing, narrowly missed crashing into a tourist resort where a crowd had gathered.

A Piper Aztec, similar to the aircraft involved in the accident. Image: Fly-by-Owen.

Witnesses said the six-seater Piper Aztec aircraft was flying very low before it clipped pine trees and impacted with the ground, bursting into flames. The crash happened just minutes after it lifted off from Loakan Airport. One person aboard the aircraft was killed instantly, and the four others were taken to hospital where another died. No-one on the ground was hurt in the accident.

Police confirmed the aircraft crashed into a mountain trail and exploded. Wikinews understands air traffic controllers lost contact with the pilot shortly after takeoff, and officials say the aircraft may have suffered technical problems. Police told journalists the pilot might have been attempting to make an emergency landing in an open area but struck trees.

Plane crash on Catalina Island injures three, causes bush fire

A small Cessna 301 general aviation plane has crashed near the airport on Catalina Island. The cause is yet unknown.

Satellite photo of Catalina Island.

At around 3:30 local time it was reported that a Cessna 301 plane had crashed near Avalon, California on Catalina Island. It is currently unknown how many people were aboard, but three people were injured and two of them suffered critical burns and were being airlifted to the mainland by a sheriff department helicopter according to the Captain Mike Parker of the Los Angeles County sheriff department.

The crash sparked a three acre bush fire which the fire department is currently fighting. They expect to quickly control the fire without having to call for outside assistance.

Cargo plane crashes in Dubai, two dead

According to Wakalat Anba’a al-Emarat, the official news agency of the United Arab Emirates, a Boeing 747-400 cargo plane belonging to the United States courier UPS Airlines, crashed after take-off in Dubai on Friday. Two crew members were on board at the time of the crash, both of whom were killed. There were no reports of any other deaths or injuries on the ground.

Crashed UPS Airlines Flight 6

The aircraft was en route to Cologne Bonn Airport in Cologne, Germany when it crashed. According to witnesses, at around 7.45 p.m. local time, it caught fire and attempted to return to the airport, then crashed into the ground near Dubai Silicon Oasis. It had just taken off from Dubai International Airport a few minutes beforehand. The crash site is inside the perimeter fence of Emirati air base, located near a busy highway intersection.

UPS 747-400

A contributing witness on the Professional Pilots Rumour Network, an aviation discussion board, wrote: “Just five minutes ago. I heard and saw an aircraft, possibly an airliner going down in Dubai near Silicon Oasis. It has just over-flown my house and [there was] a big fireball.” Another contributor suggested that the aircraft was attempting to land on Runway 30L, when it declared an emergency and subsequently veered off course. The aircraft then allegedly disappeared from radar, descending through 500ft doing 250 knots. Another contributor reported that “the wreckage trail is fairly long … so it looks like it is possible they still had control & tried to force land it.”

UPS international operations manager Bob Lekites released a statement describing the incident as “very unfortunate” and that UPS “will do everything to find the cause.” An investigation into the cause of the incident has been launched by UAE authorities, and Boeing has announced it intends to “send a team to provide technical support to the investigation upon invitation from the authorities.” The National Transportation Safety Board of the United States also released a press statement, stating that it “will dispatch an aviation investigator to assist the government of United Arab Emirates in its investigation of the crash”. The team will, according to the statement “include NTSB specialists in the areas of human performance, fire, operations, and systems.”

‘Black box’ found near crash site of Airblue flight

Investigators have found the black box of an Airblue flight that crashed into the Margalla Hills of Pakistan’s capital city on Wednesday. The flight data recorder was also recovered Saturday morning. Airblue Flight 202 departed from Karachi, Pakistan, and was bound for the capital Islamabad when it crashed into the Margalla Hills due to bad weather conditions. All 152 people aboard, including the 6 crewmembers, were killed.

Depsite the nickname, black boxes are usually painted orange to aid in their recovery after a crash. Image: Olli-Jukka Paloneva.

Junaid Amin, the head of Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority, told CNN that the recorders will be sent to either Germany or France, which have the necessary resources to analyze the data. Such an investigation could take months to complete, however.

The aircraft involved, photographed a month before the crash Image: Richard Vandervord.

The black box records communication data and technical information such as speed and altitude, as well as conversations in the airplane cockpit. It could thus help investigators determine why the plane crashed.

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