HYLAS Satellite Reaches Geostationary Orbit

HYLAS (Highly Adaptable Satellite), which was launched successfully on November 27, 2010 by the European Ariane-5 V198 launch vehicle, has reached the geostationary orbit.

HYLAS (Highly Adaptable Satellite).

It may be recalled that the HYLAS, the satellite jointly built by ISRO/Antrix and EADS/Astrium of Europe for Avanti communications of U.K. was initially injected into an elliptical Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit (GTO) with a perigee of 250 km, apogee of 35,906 km and inclination of 1.99o.

ISROs Master Control Facility at Hassan immediately took over the control and command operations of the satellite. The perigee was raised from 250 km to 35,521 km by firing the satellite’s Liquid Apogee Motor (LAM) of 432 Newton thrust level in three phases on Nov 28th (for 1 hour 19 minutes), on Nov 29th (for 30 minutes) and today (for about 4 minutes).

The HYLAS Satellite, presently in an orbit of 35,521 km (perigee) x 35,800 km (apogee) is in good health and in continuous radio-visibility from Hassan. One of its communication antennas has also been deployed successfully.

ANTRIX, ISRO bags Globe Sustainability Research Award

ANTRIX Corporation Ltd., ISRO has been conferred with the most prestigious Globe Sustainability Research Award 2010 by the Globe Forum, Stockholm, Sweden (Video). Globe award is an international award founded by Globe Forum, with the purpose of fostering sustainable development in the society. The award was conferred on ANTRIX for its outstanding contribution to improve sustainable livelihoods amongst rural poor while reducing their vulnerability to climate risks. ANTRIX, ISRO demonstrated the use of space technology and Information Technology (IT) solutions to effectively reach out to grassroots through Sujala Watershed development programme in Karnataka which was implemented during 200209 in five districts.

Shri P G Diwakar & Dr B K Ranganath of ISRO with Prof Mohan Munasinghe along with the award

The Chairman of the Jury that selected Antrix Corporation for this prestigious award, Prof Mohan Munasinghe, Winner of Nobel Peace Prize 2007 and Vice-Chair of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), opined that ANTRIX Corporation Ltd., fully deserved the Globe Sustainability Award for its exceptional contribution through innovative use of space technology for Watershed development in India, which has yielded significant benefits with respect to all the three aspects of sustainable development economic, social and environmental.

At a function organised today (May 14, 2010) at Antariksh Bhavan, the headquarters of ISRO, senior state government officials including present and previous commissioners of the Watershed Development Department, Government of Karnataka involved in SUJALA project were felicitated by Dr K Radhakrishnan, Chairman, ISRO/ Secretary, Department of Space and Shri S V Ranganath, Chief Secretary, Govt. of Karnataka.

Dr K Radhakrishnan, Chairman, ISRO, Shri S V Ranganath, Chief Secretary, Govt. of Karnataka and other dignitaries who attended the function

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