Investigation launched after small aircraft crashes on Philippines mountain, killing two

An investigation is tonight underway after a light aircraft crashed into a popular mountain resort in the Philippines city of Baguio, killing two aboard, and injuring four others. The aircraft, which may have been trying to make an emergency landing, narrowly missed crashing into a tourist resort where a crowd had gathered.

A Piper Aztec, similar to the aircraft involved in the accident. Image: Fly-by-Owen.

Witnesses said the six-seater Piper Aztec aircraft was flying very low before it clipped pine trees and impacted with the ground, bursting into flames. The crash happened just minutes after it lifted off from Loakan Airport. One person aboard the aircraft was killed instantly, and the four others were taken to hospital where another died. No-one on the ground was hurt in the accident.

Police confirmed the aircraft crashed into a mountain trail and exploded. Wikinews understands air traffic controllers lost contact with the pilot shortly after takeoff, and officials say the aircraft may have suffered technical problems. Police told journalists the pilot might have been attempting to make an emergency landing in an open area but struck trees.


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