US-Pak understanding on Davis: Pak FO contradicts reports

Islamabad, Feb 16 (PTI) Pakistan’s Foreign Office today contradicted media reports about any pronouncement being made on the diplomatic immunity of US official Raymond Davis, arrested after he shot and killed two men in Lahore last month.


US official Raymond Allen Davis.

“The spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry has contradicted reports appearing in the media about any pronouncement, public or official, made by the Foreign Ministry relating to the question of immunity of Raymond Allen Davis,” said a brief statement issued by the Foreign Office.

“Speculation in this regard is unfounded,” the statement said.

Speculation has gained ground in Islamabad that the US and Pakistan may be working on an arrangement to repatriate Davis following visiting Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry’s remarks that the US Department of Justice will conduct a criminal investigation into the shooting incident regardless of Davis’ immunity.


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