WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested in UK

London: Police say WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been arrested in the UK on a Swedish warrant which accuses him of sexual assault.

There were reports earlier today that Assange would surrender before the British police. He has allegedly been staying in the UK during the last few weeks after WikiLeaks began releasing confidential diplomatic cables exchanged between different embassies of the US and the government.

Julian Paul Assange, Founder of Wikileaks.

Jennifer Robinson, a solicitor with legal firm ‘Finers Stephens Innocent’ which represents 39-year-old Assange, told the ‘Guardian’, “We have received an arrest warrant (related to claims in Sweden). We are negotiating a meeting with police.”

Sources say Assange will have to appear before a magistrates’ court within 24 hours, where he will seek release on bail. A full hearing of his extradition case would have to be heard within 28 days.

In Sweden, a WikiLeaks spokesman called for action against those who have attacked Assange. “There have been death threats to his life and incitement to murder,” he added.

The UK Metropolitan Police says on its website

Officers from the Metropolitan Police Service’s Extradition Unit have this morning, Tuesday 7 December, arrested Julian Assange on behalf of the Swedish authorities on suspicion of rape.

Julian Assange, 39 (3.07.71), was arrested on a European Arrest Warrant by appointment at a London police station at 09:30hrs. He is accused by the Swedish authorities of one count of unlawful coercion, two counts of sexual molestation and one count of rape, all alleged to have been committed in August 2010.

Assange is due to appear at City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court today.


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