Final launch of Space Shuttle Discovery delayed another day

The launch of Space Shuttle Discovery on its final mission, STS-133, has been delayed another day. Launch is now targeted for 3:52 PM EDT on Wednesday, November 3.

The launch of NASA's Space Shuttle Discovery (pictured above on launch pad) will be delayed another day to accommodate repairs to several leaks. Image: NASA.

Discovery’s launch was originally scheduled for this Monday, but was delayed until the following day after several helium and nitrogen leaks were discovered aboard the shuttle. The initial delay was to accommodate repairs to these leaks. These repairs are taking longer than expected according to NASA officials.

According to a NASA statement, repair technicians worked through the night to facilitate repairs to these leaks but “are slightly behind the timeline that was prepared yesterday”. If the shuttle isn’t ready to launch by November 7, the launch will be pushed into December.

STS-133 will deliver supplies and components to the International Space Station, including the Permanent Multipurpose Module and the third of four ExPRESS Logistics Carriers. Two spacewalks are to be performed by the crew during their 11 day mission, the 133rd flight of the Space Shuttle Program and the 39th flight of Discovery.


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