Greenpeace demands Chilean President create marine parks

Greenpeace activists demanded the creation of marine parks to Chilean President Sebastián Piñera, in the middle of Revista Naval (an exhibition of ships of the Chilean Navy), with a large banner which said “¡Parques Marinos Ahora!” (Marine Parks Now!).

Greenpeace activists with the canvas saying "Marine Parks Now!". Image: Greenpeace.

The activists want the protection of 10% of each marine eco-region in Chile, in the context of the forthcoming Convention on Biological Diversity to be held on October in Nagoya, Japan.

People opposed to President Piñera, on a Facebook page, are unhappy that the television broadcast did not show the Greenpeace activists, and that Piñera said the event was a success. “Television does not show that, because that is not news [for them]. [Chilean] Government just cares about their own spectacles,” said Facebook user Sylvia Verónica.


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