Mount Sinabung erupts in Sumatra, Indonesia

Mount Sinabung has erupted in Sumatra, Indonesia, spitting smoke and ash 1,500 meters (4,921.3 ft) in the air at 00:08 local time Sunday.

Sinabung has been long dormant for over 400 years and it has been spewing smoke since Friday, according to residents (pictured 1987). Image: Tom Casadevall, USGS.

Surono of Indonesia’s Directorate of Vulcanology said, “Initially we thought the ash and smoke were triggered by rain but now we know the driving pressure was from magma. It’s clearly dangerous so we’ve raised the warning to the highest level, or red level.”

“The situation is under control. Emergency response teams are already on the scene,” says a spokesperson for the Indonesian National Disaster Management Agency.

Saturday, Sinabung was spewing smoke, however, the volcano was not expected to erupt, according to the directorate.

Around 12,000 residents have been evacuated from the area. One person has died.

This is the first reported eruption since 1600.


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