Opera browser shines in Seznam colors

The Opera Seznam.cz browser brings speed to your Internet experience

Opera 10.60, the fastest browser on Earth, hits the Czech market in the Seznam.cz colors. The first Opera browser designed especially for the number one Czech portal comes for machines running Windows. Download it from http://software.seznam.cz/.

With the release of this special version of Opera, users will get a unique and elegant design, with private tabs, Speed Dial for quick access to favorite websites and support for the WebM video format. In addition, the browser includes an intuitive built-in search, Opera Turbo for faster browsing on slow connections, mouse gestures for more efficient navigation between webpages, and much more. For these reasons, Seznam chose Opera for its customized browser.

“Opera 10.60 gives you 50% more speed than the previous version,” says Rolf Assev, Chief Strategy Officer, Opera Software. “We are pleased to provide a customized version of the fastest browser on Earth to Seznam.cz, the portal that shares Opera’s focus on innovation and efficiency.”

“Opera, thanks to unique features like its new user interface and unsurpassed speed has become one of the most attractive browsers on the market. That is why we want to bring this unique user experience to our users,” says Jaroslav Souček, Product Manager, Seznam.cz. “Although Seznam.cz also supports Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, the customized version of Opera may get more attention from Czech users.”

Not only does Seznam.cz offer a customized browser, its search has also been integrated in the Czech version of Opera 10.60. The Seznam website is the second search option after Google in the search menu located in the upper right hand corner of the screen, and the default search in Speed Dial.

Download Opera for Seznam.cz here: http://software.seznam.cz/

About Seznam.cz

Seznam.cz is the most visited web portal in the Czech Republic, started with a search engine and an internet company database. Today, Seznam.cz runs more than 15 different web services and associated brands. Seznam.cz is the most often displayed page in the Czech Republic, in contrast to the rest of the EU where Google dominates. http://www.seznam.cz/

About Opera Software ASA

Opera Software ASA has redefined web browsing for PCs, mobile phones and other networked devices. Opera’s cross-platform web-browser technology is renowned for its performance, standards compliance and small size, while giving users a faster, safer and more dynamic online experience. Opera Software is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with offices around the world. The company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol OPERA. Learn more about Opera at http://www.opera.com/.


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