Static testing of L110 liquid core stage of GSLV- MkIII launch vehicle conducted

Indian Space Research Organisation conducted the static test of its liquid core stage (L110) of GSLV Mk III launch vehicle, for 150 seconds at its Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre (LPSC) test facility at Mahendragiri at 16:00 hrs yesterday (March 5, 2010).

While the test was originally targeted for 200 seconds it was stopped at 150 seconds since a deviation in one of the parameters was observed. About 500 important parameters were monitored during the static test. The next static test for 200 seconds will be conducted after analysis of this data.

GSLV Mk III launch vehicle is being developed for launching 4 tonne class of satellites in Geo-synchronous Transfer Orbit (GTO). Measuring 17 meters in length and 4 meters in diameter, L110 is an earth storable liquid propellant stage with propellant loading of 110 tonnes. L110 stage uses two high-pressure Vikas engines in a clustered configuration and draws its heritage from the second stage of PSLV and GSLV and strapons of GSLV.

While in PSLV and GSLV, the liquid stage with single engine configuration burns for 150 seconds, the GSLV-MkIII requires burning for 200 seconds in a twin engine configuration.


Nokia and Kolkata Knight Riders make IPL Season 3 more exciting

Roll out ‘Main bhi Coach’ – a nationwide consumer engagement for all cricket lovers

Mumbai, March 06, 2010: Against the backdrop of a cricket loving nation gearing up to welcome the third season of India’s most extravagant cricketing bonanza – the Indian Premier League 3, Nokia India and Kolkata Knight Riders today announced the ‘Main Bhi Coach’ consumer campaign. The consumer engagement program, unveiled jointly by Mr. D. Shivakumar, VP and Managing Director, Nokia India and Shahrukh Khan, is an innovative way to involve cricket lovers across the country to be a part of the IPL cricket action.

Main Bhi Coach is a unique campaign that opens up an interactive channel between Nokia, KKR and its fans across the country. It lends a great opportunity for consumers to interact and perhaps even influence their team’s gameplay. Consumers can send advice and tips to the KKR team on strategy, line-up, tactics, style, almost anything that can help clinch the title. The winning entries will get exciting prizes including an opportunity to spend time with the king of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan on the sets of his latest movie.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. D. Shivakumar, VP and Managing Director, Nokia India said, “Nokia and Shahrukh along with Kolkata Knight Riders have provided some very exciting moments to the Indian cricket lovers. Main Bhi Coach is an interesting and simple consumer campaign aimed yet again at connecting people to their passions. The campaign has been innovatively designed to engage the entire nation, by providing them an opportunity to be a part of the action on the pitch. I am confident that this initiative will strike a chord especially amongst our youth audience; helping them to connect emotionally with Nokia as well as provide pragmatic support to the KKR team.”

Commenting on the association with Nokia, Shah Rukh Khan said “The Nokia-KKR association goes back a long way and further strengthens with every cricketing season. We share common beliefs and will continue to strengthen our relationship while giving our fans an entertaining cricketing experience.

SRK added, “In India, every fan is a self proclaimed cricket guru and believe can guide the team to victory if given a chance. Main Bhi Coach is an opportunity for them to make their dreams come true and coach their favorite team. With such exciting campaigns Nokia promises to make the third season more exciting for all KKR fans.”

Nokia and Kolkata Knight Riders continue to strengthen their association and shared commitment to make IPL more exciting and engaging for Indian cricket fans. Main Bhi Coach is open for all cricket buffs and is not linked to the purchase of any product or service.

About Nokia KKR association:

  • Association for the last three IPL seasons
    Nokia has been the presenting sponsor for KKR since IPL’s inception in 2008. Nokia’s association with KKR and IPL reinforces its commitment towards its youth audience by way of connecting them to their passion, in this case cricket which has a cult status across India’s young audience.
  • Para Cricket Series
    Nokia Para cricket series in Kolkata is a unique initiative undertaken as a part of the Nokia-KKR partnership. This season the series has been rolled out in paras across Kolkata and also extended to include rest of West Bengal. The series are being played between February 22nd to March 7th and the winning team will get a chance to play and interact with the KKR team

Successful flight testing of advanced sounding rocket

Indian Space Research Organisation successfully conducted the flight testing of its new generation high performance sounding rocket today (March 3, 2010) at 08.30 Hrs, from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC), SHAR.

Advanced Technology Vehicle (ATV-D01), weighing 3 tonnes at lift-off is the heaviest sounding rocket ever developed by ISRO. It carried a passive scramjet engine combustor module as a test bed for demonstration of Air- Breathing propulsion technology.

During the flight, the vehicle successfully dwelled for 7 seconds in the desired conditions of Mach number (6 + 0.5) and dynamic pressure (80 + 35 kPa). These conditions are required for a stable ignition of active scramjet engine combustor module planned in the next flight of ATV.

The successful flight testing of ATV-D01 is a step ahead towards the advanced technology initiative taken up by ISRO in the area of Air- Breathing propulsion.

Mini-SAR on Chandrayaan-1 finds ice deposits at moon’s North pole

Analysis of data obtained by the Miniature Synthetic Aperture Radar (Mini-SAR) onboard Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft has provided evidence for the presence of ice deposits near the moon’s North pole. The Mini-SAR instrument found more than 40 small craters (2-15 km in diameter) with sub-surface water ice located at their base. The interior of these craters is in permanent sun shadow.

Prof. Paul Spudis, Principal Investigator of the Mini-SAR experiment said “The new discoveries by Chandrayaan-1 and other lunar missions show that the moon is an even more interesting and attractive scientific, exploration and operational destination than people had previously thought.”

The Mini-SAR mapped the moon’s permanently shadowed polar craters that are not visible from Earth. The radar uses the polarisation properties of reflected radio waves to characterise surface properties. Results from the mapping showed deposits having radar characteristics similar to ice. The emerging picture from the multiple measurements and resulting data of the instruments, Moon Mineralogy Mapper and Mini-SAR on Chandrayaan-1 and NASA’s Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS), indicates that water creation, migration, deposition and retention are occurring on the moon.

The Mini-SAR’s findings have just been published in the journal, Geophysical Research Letters authored by scientists from 13 agencies from USA and India, including Prof. J. N. Goswami, Principal Scientist, Chandrayaan-1 from Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad and Dr M. Chakrabarty of Space Applications Centre, Ahmedabad. The new findings add to the growing scientific understanding of the multiple forms of water on the moon.

Mini-SAR and Moon Mineralogy Mapper are two of the 11 instruments on Chandrayaan-1, which was launched on October 22, 2008, and began orbiting the moon on November 8, 2008. The Applied Physics Laboratory, USA performed the final integration and testing on Mini-SAR. It was developed and built by the Naval Air Warfare Center and several other commercial and government agencies in USA.

Microsoft Outlines Progress Toward a Safer, More Trusted Internet

SAN FRANCISCO — March 2, 2010 — Today at RSA Conference 2010, Microsoft Corp. outlined how the company continues to make progress toward its End to End Trust vision. In his keynote address, Scott Charney, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing Group, explained how the company’s vision for End to End Trust applies to cloud computing, detailed progress toward a claims-based identity metasystem, and called for public and private organizations alike to prevent and disrupt cybercrime.

“End to End Trust is our vision for realizing a safer, more trusted Internet,” said Charney. “To enable trust inside, and outside, of cloud computing environments will require security and privacy fundamentals, technology innovations, and social, economic, political and IT alignment.”

Further, Charney explained that identity solutions that provide more secure and private access to both on-site and cloud applications are key to enabling a safer, more trusted enterprise and Internet. As part of that effort, Microsoft today released a community technology preview of the U-Prove technology, which enables online providers to better protect privacy and enhance security through the minimal disclosure of information in online transactions. To encourage broad community evaluation and input, Microsoft announced it is providing core portions of the U-Prove intellectual property under the Open Specification Promise, as well as releasing open source software development kits in C# and Java editions. Charney encouraged the industry, developers and IT professionals to develop identity solutions that help protect individual privacy.

The company also shared details about a new partnership with the Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems in Berlin on an interoperability prototype project integrating U-Prove and the Microsoft identity platform with the German government’s future use of electronic identity cards.

As further evidence of how the company is enabling a safer, more trusted enterprise, Microsoft also today released Forefront Identity Manager 2010, a part of its Business Ready Security strategy. Forefront Identity Manager enables policy-based identity management across diverse environments, empowers business customers with self-service capabilities, and provides IT professionals with rich administrative tools.

In addition, Charney reviewed company efforts to creatively disrupt and prevent cybercrime. Citing Microsoft’s recently announced Operation b49, a Microsoft-led initiative to neutralize the well-known Waledac botnet, Charney stated that while focusing on security and privacy fundamentals and threat mitigation remains necessary, the industry needs to be more aggressive in blunting the impact of cybercriminals. Operation b49 is an example of how the private sector can get more creative in its collective approach to fighting criminals online.

“We are committed to collaborating with industry and governments worldwide to realize a safer, more trusted Internet through the creative disruption and prevention of cybercrime,” Charney said.

More information about Microsoft’s End to End Trust vision is available at

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

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